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President's Message

Udensi Ugochukwu Sunday (JP)


President Umunna (Igbo) Cultural Association of Manitoba Inc.

Just as our name says, we are Umunna (Igbo) Cultural Association of Manitoba, an association incorporated representing all Igbo speaking people irrespective of their state of origin or clan in Igboland here in province of Manitoba. The association was formed on the need for all Igbo speaking people living in Manitoba to have a common ground to come together as one big family for the progress and promotion of Igbo culture. It is also an association that is very active in Manitoba communities through voluntary services, participation in annual Folklorama event  and other issues relating to progress and prosperity of all Igbos both here in Manitoba and back home.   

To learn more about our culture and activities, I encourage you to navigate to the "About Us" and "Events" pages of this website. I believe that as you go through our website, that you will be pleased to find activity of interest to you, and we hope that you will identify with us or visit us as a visitor during one of our monthly meetings that normally occurs last Saturday of every month.  

Please feel free to ask question(s) or send an inquiring to us at our official email address


Once again, I thank you and wish you a happy stay in your new home. God bless you and may God bless Umunna (Igbo) Cultural Association of Manitoba Inc.