The “Igbo Educational Lecture Series” (IELS) of the UofW Global College


The Global College “Igbo Educational Lecture Series” (IELS) is a series on peace-building in a multicultural society. The relevance of this is founded on the fact that peace and related phenomena (e.g., human rights, human security, social justice, harmony, etc) enable the realization and optimization of human potential in any society. The lecture series (IELS) is organized and run by the “Umunna (Igbo) Cultural Association of Manitoba, Inc” in collaborative partnership with the UofW Global College. The initiative arose from the vision of the Honourable Dr. Rey Pagtakhan (1st Lecturer, IELS), the founding Director of the Global College; and the Honourable Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, UofW President (4th IELS Lecturer). Dr. Michael Eze is the convener. The Hon. Dr. Rey Pagtakhan delivered the inaugural lecture, thereby launching the series on Friday March 24, 2006. Participants include students, faculty, other institutions, and ethno-cultural communities, as well as the general public.  


So far (vide infra), sixteen lectures and special events have been delivered in this public lecture series: The 16th event “Importance of Community Involvement in Policing” by the Commanding Officer, RCMP “D” Division, Manitoba (Assistant Commissioner Scott Kolody), was delivered on February 9th, 2018. 


Past Presenters:

  1. Hon. Dr. Rey      Pagtakhan, Professor of Pediatrics, University of Manitoba (Retired);      Canadian Federal Cabinet Minister (retired); Founding Director, University      of winnipeg Global College “Journey of Immigrant Multicultural      Canada” (March 24th, 2006).
  2. Dr. Alaa      Abdel-Aziz, President, University of Prince Edward Islands. [formerly,      Provost, University of British Columbia, Okanagan; & prior to that,      Vice-President Research, International & External Affairs, University      of Winnipeg “Role of  Universities in Forging Global Peace      and Unity” (June 9, 2006).
  3. Dr. (Rev)      James Christie, Professor of Dialogue Theology; and Director,      Ridd Institute for Religion and Global Policy, University of Winnipeg,      formerly Dean of Theology; University of Winnipeg. A      New Axial Age: The world Faiths and the Global Neighborhood.      (September 15, 2006).
  4. Hon. Dr.      Lloyd Axworthy, Past President and Vice Chancellor, University      of Winnipeg. Former Federal Cabinet Minister; & Nobel Peace Prize      Nominee. “Human Security in Nigeria:  An      Update.” (March 28, 2007)
  5. Dr. Claudia      Wright (of Blessed Memory), Vice-President, Research and Graduate      Studies), University of Winnipeg; Professor of Politics; former Dean of      Social Sciences; and former Chair of Politics at University of      Winnipeg Human Rights and Global      Harmony (November 16th,      2007).
  6. Dr. Neil      Besner, Provost & Vice-President (Research and International);      Professor of English; Former Dean of Arts, University of Winnipeg. Brazil      in Transition: A New Hope for the Americas?”(September 19, 2008)
  7. Senator      (Prof) Marilou McPhedran. Principal, University of Winnipeg’s Global      College; Canadian Senator. When Rights are Wrongs: How Violence      trumps the Rule of Law(November 6, 2009).
  8. Professor      Iyorwuese Hagher, His Excellency, Nigerian High Commissioner to      Canada, Ottawa (2008-11); Formerly, Professor of Theatre and Drama, Ahmadu      Bello University, & University of Jos, both in Nigeria. “The      Role of the Artist as Intellectual”. (September 17, 2010). 
  9. Dr. Cyril      Okoye, President,      and Consultant Criminologist, Metropolitan Community College, BC, Canada. Human      Rights Observation in Prisons (November 19, 2010).
  10. Dr. John      Corlett, Vice-President (Academic), & Provost, University of Winnipeg Sport,      Development, and Peace” (September 16th, 2011).
  11. Dr. Sandra      Kirby, Associate Vice-President      (Research) and Dean of Graduate Studies, University of Winnipeg. Safewashing      Sport: Women, Sexual Harassment and Abuse(November 18, 2011). 
  12. Dr. Ken McCluskey, Professor & Dean of Education,      University of Winnipeg. Lines in the Sand: Are We Forcing At      Risk Students Out of  Our      Schools?(March 23,      2012).
  13. Assistant      Commissioner Kevin Brosseau, Commanding Officer, ‘D’ Division, Royal      Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Manitoba. A Community-wide Approach to      Ensuring Public Safety: the Future for Manitoba" (November 15, 2013).
  14. Team of Expert Discussants and the      public in dialogue. Moderators: Dr. Dean Peachey & Ms. Florence      Okwudili: Law-Enforcement; Academics and Students; Ethnocultural and other      Community Leaders and Advocates, Politicians, General Public, etc, Dialogue      on Policing in Multicultural Communities”. (March 10th,      2016)
  15. Event Creator: Dr. Dean Peachey, Professor of Human Rights, Global      College, University of Winnipeg. With the Play-back Theatre “Red threads of Peace” to actualize Professor Dean Peachey’s unique Teaching platform: bringing people together, drawing upon knowledge of everyone in the audience, and having some fun in the process. “When I moved to Manitoba: The Strange, the Cold, & the Friendly.” (September 28th, 2017). 
  16. Assistant Commissioner Scott Kolody, Commanding Officer RCMP “D” Division, Manitoba; with Community Leaders in Dialogue: Law-Enforcement; Academics and Students; Ethnocultural and other Community Leaders and Advocates, Politicians, General Public, etc. “Importance of Community Involvement in Policing.” (February 9th 2018)
  17. Dr. Annette Trimbee. President and Vice-Chancellor, The University of Winnipeg. Manitoba; Dr. Trimbee reflects on best practices towards Indigenization, highlighting UWinnipeg's effort to support Indigenous students along the pathway from early learning through university graduation. "Indigenization as a pathway to resiliency" (March 15th 2019)

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